(1) Free Membership: There is no membership fee! To become a member, you must be over the age of 18, simply bring in a photo ID, a major credit card or check cards with Visa or MasterCard logo, fill out and sign the New Membership Application. To ensure that your credit card account is active, you will need to pay your first rental with the same credit card on file. We then keep your card number on file as a security and charge that card only in the event that movies are not returned or additional rental fees pile up without being paid. Additional names may be added to your account if you accept full responsibility for that person's rentals and returns.

(2) Your membership becomes inactive when: (A) No rental activity in the past 3 months. (B) Your credit card on file expires or decline. Renew your membership by present a photo I.D. and use a valid credit card to paid your rental fees.

(3) All sales and rental are final, no cash or credit card refund for any reasons. (1) We will issue store credit or exchange any defected rental within the same day. (2) We will repair, issue store credit or exchange any defected sales items within 30 days. However if the movies work fine in our DVD Player, it is not defected.

(4) Return: Movie must be return on or before closing on the due date, otherwise subject to "additional rental fees".

(5) Additional Rental Period Fees: Additional rental fees are due at the time of return. If additional rental fees or unpaid balance is not paid within 14 days after the initial rental, a $2.00 processing charge (a service charge by merchant processing services) plus all unpaid balance will be charged to customer's credit card without notice. Please notice that our Point of Sale software will automatically charge all unpaid balance after 14 days. If you wish to avoid the service charge, please pay all balance due upon return of your rental.

(6) Loss Prevention: As a part of lost prevention and to ensure that your credit card is active. We will run an authorization of customer's credit card if any movie is not return within 1 weeks after the initial rental, and if any movie is not return within 2 weeks after the initial rental, we will charge the full value of the movie, plus all additional rental fees to customer's credit card without notice. (Please notice that "Rental Movies" is not the same copy from Costco, Target or Wal-Mart. The cost of rental movies from our wholesale distributor is $30+ per movie, $40+ per Blu-Ray and $80+ per TV box set.) (Please notice there will be no refund of any charge to your credit card if your rental is more than 30 days late, because your additional rental fees already exceed the amounts that charged to your credit card.)

(7) Damage: Any damage to returned DVD from whatever the cause shall be charged a $5 repair fee on fixable DVD, or the full wholesale price if deemed unfixable.

(8) Non-Member: Methods of payment for non-member are credit card only and Photo I.D. is required. Any additional rental fees (#5), damage (#7) & lost movies (#6) will charge to the credit card without notice.

(9) Legal: Top Video World is not responsible for and accidents or injuries caused directly or indirectly in the use of the rented item(s). Top Video World is hereby released from all claims arising therefrom.

(10) Records Keeping Requirements: All account's records, rental receipt, invoice and membership application is the property of Top Video World. The IRS - Internal Revenue Code - Publication 583 require us to keep all records until the period of limitations runs out.

(11) Privacy Policy and The Video Privacy Protection Act (18 U.S.C. 2710): (a) Your rental records are considered confidential. We will never sell, trade, or share your personal data and rental information with third parties. (b) We will not disclosure your personally identifiable rental information unless the consumer consents specifically and in writing, and (c) We will disclosure records to law enforcement agency only with a valid warrant or court order.

(12) Changes to Store Policy: Top Video World may at any time, and at its sole discretion, modify the store policy, with or without notice. Such modifications will be effective immediately upon posting. Your continued use of our rental services following such modifications will indicate your acceptance of these modified Terms and Conditions of our store policy. If you do not agree to any modification of these Terms and Conditions of our store policy, you must immediately stop renting or buying movies from us.

(Amended on 03/15/2008)

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